Nell Benjamin & Laurence O'Keefe's Life of the Party - Directed by Paul Lincoln

Nell Benjamin and Larry O’Keefe, the creators of Legally Blonde, Heathers and The Explorers Club, among many other credits, created a new musical for LaGuardia High School in New York City.  The school was immortalized in the two feature films and a tv show, all of which are entitled, “Fame”  I had the privilege of directing the world premier production of Life of the Party with a cast of 60 and an orchestra of 50.

Kismet - Directed by Paul Lincoln

This is a trailer for a production of Kismet that I directed at the LaGuardia Performing Arts High School, March, 2011.

Surin Elephant Project 2012

 I worked on a refuge for endangered Asian Elephants in Thailand.  It was a fantastic week caring for the elephants, feeding, walking, bathing and playing with them.  If you don’t know anything about elephants, this experience will open your mind to a family of amazing creatures that will touch your heart forever.  Pack your bags and reserve your time with the Surin Project -

Colors of the Wind

While traveling across India with a solar powered rock band and the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN.IN), we stopped in the tribal areas at an all girls school. The girls were nice enough to sing a song for us that strangely enough translated very closely to what Pocahontas says in Colors of the Wind. I sang this song for them and then when I returned to the US, I made this recording for them. Vocals, piano, cello and guitar are by me

Yunhi Chala

This is a partial chronicle of my trip across India with a solar powered rock band and the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN.INin search of sustainable energy solutions to share.  We traveled in electric cars and a biodiesel truck across the subcontinent.  IYCN is a remarkable group of young people dedicating their time to address the looming catastrophe of climate change.  Yunhi Chala is a very popular song in India that we played everywhere we went. 

Billy Bishop Goes to War - Virginia Stages

[Billy Bishop] receives artful support from.. triple threat actor/musician/singer and Paul Lincoln. He displays his many musical talents with perfection. His singing voice is pure and strong and ideally suited for the 14 catchy tunes.
— WHRO Radio
[Billy Bishop] is ably supported by accordionist Paul Lincoln who suggests he has the voice and personality to take center stage if allowed. The accordion adds a folksy touch especially for the Parisian moments and Lincoln’s tenor leads us to expect him to break into a chorus of Danny Boy at any moment (He doesn’t).
— Virginia Pilot